Organizational Development

We are working as HR Business partner and OD Togetherness

§   Strategic Partner

Management of strategic Human Resources

§   Change agent

Management of transformation and change

§   Administration partner

§   Management of firm infrastructure

§   Employee champion

§   Management of Employee champion

§   Anticipating need for change

§   Organization Diagnostic

Organization diagnosis is a effective ways of looking at an organization to determine gaps between current and desired performance and how it can achieve its goals

McKinsey 7s framework for reviewing the organization during diagnosis phase

§   OD Interventions

o    Strategic intervention (Balance score card)

Financial goals
Customer satisfaction goals
Learning and development goals
Internal business goals

o    Techno structure interventions

Techno structure intervention changes in how the overall work of an organization is divided into units, who reports to whom methods of control the arrangements of equipment and people

o    Process intervention

Define and develop processes of various departments
Marketing & sales
Supply chain
Human Resources
Internal audit

o    People interventions

Confrontation meetings
People stress management
Executive coaching
Team building efforts
Cultural change

§   Managing people side of change

Working as change agent and managing people side of change develop positive thinking in organization people regarding change

§   Evaluation

Calculation of Return of investment after compilation OD process 

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