Career Clinic

Career Counseling

Ali & kumail Associates career counseling services assist you to decide a career and guide to a path to pursue that career Our Counselors can assist you if you are confused or unsure of your academic or career options. 

We know that you will be more successful and enjoy your education more if you are in a program or have chosen a career that best suits your interests, personality, values, abilities, skills and the realities of the labor market. We can do career testing and advise you about college or university programs and transfer options, graduate certificates, continuing part-time education, upgrading opportunities and skilled trade opportunities.

Interview Preparation

A CV is one of the most important job-search documents; this is why we must bear in mind several tips in order to make it worthy. First of all, the importance of a well-written CV has to be always present in our mind. "A good CV won't get you a job. But if it's not good. it can cost you a  job".

We have experts those can help in first basic step of career start.

Interview Preparations

·     Self preparation

·     Communication Drills

·     Corporate Profile analysis

·     Effective Delivery of profile

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